What Do You Want To Accomplish In The Next 12 Months?


What do you want to accomplish? What are your priorities? Are they your own or somebody else’s? Which of these priorities dictates your entire life?

You have to think about your life all the time. But you do not have to be a slave to your priorities. You do not have to follow somebody else’s priorities. If you do not agree with them, decide that you do not want to live that way. Then decide to change that. If you don’t want to continue on the path that you are on, take a new course. If you do want to change the course that you are on, make a new decision.

Your life is what you make it

Your life is your own creation. Do you control it? Do you decide what to do with it? And do you have some control over the choices that you make?

Let’s take a look at those first two questions. Do you decide what to do with your life?

Do you decide what to do with your life?

You set the priorities for your life. You decide what to do with your life. Only you decide whether to go to work, whether to spend time with your family, whether to pursue a dream, whether to read or spend time with family. Whether to invest in a new car, whether to buy a new house, whether to take a trip, whether to go on a diet or spend time with a special someone. Whatever it may be, you make the decision to do it, and then you take the action to make that happen. You have complete control over what you do with your life.

What about decision making, do you dedicate time to actively decide what to do with your life?

Well I am sure you have been asked that before, so I will not go into that subject here. However, I will ask you to think about that statement. If you are serious about a subject, you must take action. And you must do something. You cannot just sit around waiting for your circumstances to change. You have to do something, today. You can do this, if you are committed and follow through with taking action.

When you say you don’t have time to do things, you must have time to do them, right? If you have the time, then you have the ability. Therefore, you must take the action that will free up time in your schedule, to accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself. Do you have that time? Do you have the ability? Make that possible, right now.

Take Action Now

You must make that decision quickly, before it gets too late. There are deadlines that are setting for you to make a decision. Take action now, before the time is to late. Right now is the only time you have to take action on what you say you want to do. If you wait until tomorrow, then tomorrow will have passed, so don’t wait! Right now is the only time you have to take action! Make that decision, and then take that action, and I am sure you will succeed. Yes you will succeed.

You Can Accomplish

Make that decision to take action, right now, then you will take the action needed to make that decision a reality. Take that action today, and I guarantee you will succeed. Think about it, there is no tomorrow to wait for. Make that decision, and then take the action needed to make that happen.

If you do this you will succeed and you will succeed big!

accomplish it today!